Dr. Carol Gillis performs  diagnostic ultrasound examinations and provides rehabilitation guidance for soft tissue injuries. Dr. Gillis will also review your ultrasound images to provide a first or second opinion and develop a program to heal the injuries identified, providing a detailed report on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for each  athlete's images examined.

Dr. Gillis provides the following services:

· Ultrasound examinations
· Ultrasound image review
· Rehabilitation program development

:: For a diagnostic ultrasound examination,
please contact the office at 803-522-1700 equineultrasound@earthlink.net

:: For a consultation, ultrasound images can be e-mailed to equineultrasound@earthlink.net

equineultrasound@earthlink.net 1797 Shaw's Fork Rd Aiken, SC 29805 (803) 522 1700